Email our international Counselor, Mrs. PunKay

You will receive an email with an application form and a request for copies of:

  • Passport

  • School transcript (translated into English)

  • If you are a transfer student, a copy of your current F-1

Set up and interview with our Counselor in person or online via Zoom, Skype or Face Time

You will receive an acceptance email including the necessary forms.

Fill out the forms and submit. You will also need to send the following documents:

  • Proof of Financial Responsibility–bank statement

  • Immunization record (TB test within past four years)

  • Money order or cashier’s check for I-20 Application fee

    • New I-20 Application Fee: $900

    • Transfer I-20 Application Fee: $300

  • Fee for Pomona Catholic School Application: $250 (May be paid by wire transfer)

Follow up.

  • If this is a new student visa, you will need to pay your SEVIS fee and make an appointment for an interview at the US embassy or consulate.

  • If this is a transfer visa, you will need to request the school you are transferring. from to send in your F-1 to be transferred.



Applications will not be processed until all listed items are received

  1. Application:  The Application Fee of $150 is due when you submit your application. Openings may be limited and applicants are encouraged to apply.  Students may be admitted during the school year if openings are available. Student applications will be reviewed once all documents and above fees are received.  ALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

  2. Grades/Transcripts: The last two years of grades/transcripts:

    • Current Original transcripts showing a minimum GPA of 3.0 or the equivalent.

    • All transcripts must be translated in English, officially notarized, and include a scale for interpretation.

  3. References:  Two references should be submitted using the reference forms provided.  Both references should be from teachers or school administration who can speak to the prospective student’s academic performance, English language proficiency, behavior, and his potential for academic success in America.

  4. Student Essay:  Submit a 5-6 paragraph Self-Introduction addressing the following questions:Why would you like to come to America and attend Damien High School?  What are your strongest characteristics? What are your weaknesses? What are your hopes and dreams for life in American?  What are your academic interests? What are your academic goals upon graduating from Damien?

  5. Skype Interview:  A face to face interview will be set up between the prospective student and International Student Program Director after the completed application packet is received.

  6. Immunization:  A copy of your student’s current immunizations must be submitted showing proof of a TB skin test result of ‘negative’ result.  This should be no more than one year old (TB Mantous). As well, a Tdap (Pertussis Booster) shot must be included.

  7. Copy of current passport

  8. Copy of current I-20 (if a transfer student)

Upon Acceptance You will receive: an acceptance letter and I-20 application packet